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about us / history of boon          people behind it          mission statement

we’ve pieced together a pretty cool history of boon and the life it had led before we took the reins.  the location of boon hotel once housed the local miner community.  just down Armstrong Woods Road and up Sweetwater Springs is a former mercury mine no longer in operation.  in the 70’s someone bought the land and renovated it into the first generation of the  hotel.  in 1981 it was again renovated extensively into what was know as paradise cove adding the pool.  we have pictures and they are amazing!  ask us to see them.  it had a successful life as paradise and then became the Retreat Resort and Spa in 2001.  several owners and many more changes it served as a great sunny retreat for those who came to explore the river and its charm.  the dot com did a number on the area and it struggled for a bit. in the summer of 2007, Crista, our owner, was inspired to bring it back to life in a new way.  she believed in the space; what it could be, what it could do for the town, and for those who would visit.  to recreate if you will, a retreat or paradise again.  in april 2008 boon hotel+spa was born.  what a transformation.  it’s not new fancy construction, its using the best of what was there in a way that preserves the past but brings to light the present.  we believe in modern design, interesting elements, simple + clean lines, great style, and the highest quality of service and amenities.  we’re glad you’re here to experience it and be a part of it’s history.