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it takes a village, people.  no really…it did. From friends, family photographers, to painters, flooring installers to drinkers, it was an a amazing group of contractors, and neighbors who helped make this all possible and its an unbeatable crew that keeps it going.

meet Teddy, Sue, Crista, Mirna, Ervin + rest of the boon crew. and… don’t forget about boon himself. how could you not fall in love with boon? we’re speaking now, of course, about that wiggly-waggly, frisbee-toting, always smiling, black-and-white four-legged guy with the hybrid vigor (i.e., mutt).  boon spends his days lying poolside, rolling in the grass, greeting guests and leading them to reception. if only we could teach him to carry luggage. he doesn’t work the hotel everyday but if he’s here you’ll know it because he’ll steal your heart. if you’re wondering how the name came to be (see also definition of word at bottom of page), it’s because of how blessed we feel to have a peach of a dog like this guy – and we believe in focusing on blessings, gifts and benefits. we hope our hotel – and the dog who came before it – are a boon to you.